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Kevin Denim was born in 2017 with a simple commitment: to support the search for cancer cures. That's why our exclusive, UK-made luxury collections do more than make you look great. 50% of our profits will be donated to the charity Worldwide Cancer Research, helping fund the most inspirational cancer research.


Founder Kyla O’Donnell's father, Kevin, passed away from a brain tumour in 1986 aged just 36. Over 30 years on there is still no cure -​ more than eight million people die from cancer each year globally.


"This is my way of helping to do something about that. I am doing this on my father's behalf and dedicating it to his memory." Kyla O'Donnell, founder of Kevin Denim


We firmly believe that together with your help, the cure could be in the jeans.

Kyla O'Donnell, Founder of Kevin Denim
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